Archive | June, 2014

Soul EV is Cleanest Kia By Far

There’s a growing demand for electric vehicles as consumers are shown to be increasingly “with it.” Whether the “it” in question is environmental consciousness, a desire to save on fuel costs, or the need for a car that can stealthily leave the home at odd hours is anyone’s best guess, but the industry is taking […]

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How to Decide What Kind of Tires to Buy

Buying tires for your car is a lot like picking out a new pair of shoes. Most of the time when you go in for new ones you’ll probably stick to getting a nice comfortable pair of sneakers. Now and then you’ll want to specialize, though. If you’re going hiking, you’ll want some trail shoes […]

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How Kia Became the Greenest

  The automobile industry represents a key area in the constant search for cleaner and more sustainable energy. In a portion of the economy that is at times hopelessly connected to fossil fuels and carbon emissions, even the tiniest steps are important. That’s why Kia was so elated when, along with Hyundai, it was ranked […]

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