Archive | August, 2014

Kia Thinking Green with Diesel

Diesel engines have come a long way. They used to get a bad rap for being clunky, dirty, and loud. When you think of a diesel-powered machine, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Probably a big, lumbering truck billowing out thick, black, oily smoke from its exhaust. There was a time when that […]

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The New Kia Sorento Shows Its Face

They’ve been teasing it for weeks now, but on Monday Kia finally took the wraps off of the all-new 2016 Sorento. As expected, this new design borrows heavily from the Cross GT Concept that was shown at last year’s Chicago Auto Show. This crossover SUV is longer overall with a longer wheelbase that is sure to […]

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Broken Law: Texting While Driving in NC

Mutually Assured Dismissal There was a segment on the local news last week that caught our attention. Generally all you have to do to make our ears perk up is mention cars or driving, but sometimes the topic of conversation doesn’t excite us in the way we think it will. This particular story had to […]

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