Winter Ready? Check Out These Tips.


December is here and that means winter is right around the corner. The official first day of the winter season is Thursday, Dec. 21. That is just a little over two weeks away. Now is the time to get ready for the season and whatever may come its way. With winter comes the freezing cold temperatures and the possibility of winter weather, including snow, sleet and wintry mix. In fact, weather forecasts are predicting a chance of snow (maybe) the end of this week. That is only days away. So let’s get to it and bundle up because winter is upon us!


It’s time to go through closets and look for all your winter attire – boots, gloves, hats, scarves … you name it, you’re sure to need it soon. It also may be a good idea as you pull all the winter accessories out to go through and decide if they’re still in good shape to withstand another season or if it’s time to head to the store and purchase new items. It could even be a great gift idea for the holidays.

Several things can be done around the house to prepare for the winter. One of them being calling a professional to come and check out the heating system. Since it’s been turned off for so long, it’s always a good idea to get it looked at and make sure it’s in proper working order. Another good idea is to cover up water faucets outside the home. When temperatures drop and go below freezing, there is a chance of outside faucets freezing. First, be sure to remove the actual hose from the faucet. You want to make sure it is no longer attached. Then, there are insulated covers you can buy that will help keep it protected throughout the winter months.


Let’s move on from the house to the car. Several things can be looked at and addressed to help keep your mode of transportation in good working order all year long. First off, it’s important to remember that as temperatures drop so does tire pressure. So it’s not uncommon if the tire pressure light inside your car comes on. Keep a check on it and be sure to add air when needed. Another good idea is to get your battery checked and make sure it is in good condition, along with also checking all the lights and replace any bulbs if needed. Always have an emergency kit located in your car. Hopefully you won’t need it, but you just never know. Things happen and you want to be as prepared as possible and have essential items within reach. For the winter some things to include would be an ice scraper, snow shovel, gloves, hats and blankets. Some other items to always keep in the kit are nonperishable snacks, water to drink, a first aid kit and jumper cables. AAA offers more useful information on a vehicle emergency kit and preparing your car for winter. Click here to learn more.

Keep tuned in to your local weather about the possibility of a wintry mix coming soon to the Triangle area. It may be just the right time to winterize your home and car. Stay warm and safe this winter season.

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